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NEW TWA Racing IP for N2K3 (

As most of you know, over the past few weeks we have had several problems or issues with our online server. NRT has done a great job in locating the problem and they are currently working on a solution. However, in the mean time, the TWA Racing N2K3 Server has been moved in hopes of not having or limiting the issues at hand. Previously our server was located in Dallas, the new server which we will be utilizing is located in North Carolina. Hopefully, this will help us with the guys on the east coast who have Charter and Comcast.

TWA Racing N2K3 Server IP (NEW)

Kelly Hoerner wins at Mesa Marin Raceway

Kelly Hoerner claims the checkers for The Bakersfield Classic 250 at Mesa Marin Speedway in TWA Racing's 2015 Winter Truck Series.

***2015 Winter Truck Series Results - Mesa Marin Speedway ***

Martin Karch wins at Chicagoland Speedway

Martin Karch claims the checkers for The Heartland 200 at Chicagoland Speedway in TWA Racing's 2015 Winter Xfinity Series.

***2015 Winter Xfinity Series Results -Chicagoland Speedway ***

Matt Hatfield wins at Whiteside County Speedway

Matt Hatfield claims the checkers for The Whiteside Smackdown 60 at Whiteside County Speedway in TWA Racing's 2015 Winter DIRT Series.

***2015 Winter DIRT Series Results - Whiteside County Speedway ***


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